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We are a dedicated team, passionate about making science a reality.

"We are dedicated to making available opportunities to enhance your future through science."

Our Dedicated Team

Amelia Gulling

Amelia Gulling
K-12 STEM Education Manager
Phone: 775.673.7412
Email: amelia.gulling@dri.edu
Sponsor and funder inquires

Mackenzie Peterson

Mackenzie Peterson
Green Box Administrator
Phone: 775.673.7488
Email: mackenzie.peterson@dri.edu
Green Box development

Leah Madison

Leah Madison
STEM  Education Program Lead
Phone: 775.673.7413
Email: leah.madison@dri.edu
Green Box and STEM kit program development, Informal education inquiries

Craig Rosen

Craig Rosen 
Community Relations and Professional Development Administrator
Phone: 702.862.5332
Email: craig.rosen@dri.edu
Teacher Training/Workshops
Community Engagement
School Support 

John Soto

John Soto 
Science Alive K-12 Program Assistant
Email: John.Soto@dri.edu
Green Box Support

Chelsea Ontiveros

Chelsea Ontiveros 
Science Alive Office Coordinator
Email: Chelsea.Ontiveros@dri.edu

Brooke Stathis

Brooke Stathis 
Science Alive Program and Outreach Support
Email: Brooke Stathis@dri.edu

AJ Long

A.J. Long
Robotics and STEM  Education Administrator
Phone: 775.673.7928
Email: AJ.Long@dri.edu