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Frequently Asked Questions about Green Boxes

Green Boxes are self-contained teaching kits that provide educators with a unit of lesson plans along with all of the supplies necessary to conduct each activity. Every box employs active learning strategies to engage students in hands-on projects that foster critical thinking and problem solving skills. Each Green Box includes step-by-step instructions, both consumable and non-consumable materials and a variety of teaching aids.

Green Boxes are for any PreK-12 educator within Nevada. This includes homeschool and educational organizations. During the academic year, priority will be given to formal classroom teachers.

Visit our Reserve a Green Box page to register for the box of your choice. We have four predefined terms during which you will have use of the kit. Check the Green Boxes tab to find current dates. Once the box is reserved, you will get a confirmation email

Green Boxes are reserved on a first come-first serve basis per term. We regularly release new boxes or will have someone cancel a box. Please sign up for our newsletter and follow us on Facebook to be notified of availability.

All units come with a curriculum binder, a USB stick with all of the worksheets and teaching aids, and instructions on how to return the unit. Each box will have different consumable and non-consumable items. These range from books, cameras, GPS units, balances, microscopes and other scientific items to paper, glue, and teaching aids like pictures and games.

  • A non-consumable item is something that an educator will need to perform the lesson, but once it is used it can be used again. Examples of a non-consumable items are: books, sand, scales, some cups, markers, crayons, glue.
  • A consumable item is something that an educator will need to perform the lesson, but once it is used it cannot be used again. Examples of consumable items are: plastic wrap, paper, candy, baking soda.
  • There are some items that are both consumable and non-consumable. Chalk can be used many times, but will eventually no longer be usable. Plastic cups can be dried and returned to us.
  • If an item isn’t used or broken, please send it back to us.

During shipment items can get damaged, or during classroom use they can get lost or broken. Not to worry, this is expected. Please help us prepare to replace these items by filling out the comments form and let us know so that we can order more.

If you are missing items, it may be because those items are something that cannot be shipped. You will have to come to our campus and pick up those items. Please check the materials list in the curriculum and contact us if you need to come pick up those items.

Yes. All of our Green Box units can support teachers in their implementation of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Soon each box will also demonstrate three dimensional learning.

Science Alive does not provide specific training on individual boxes, but our workshops and trainings will usually incorporate part of one unit. These trainings rotate on a regular basis, please check out the Training tab to find out about upcoming opportunities.

The Desert Research Institute has many scientific faculty studying a variety of topics. In order to bring their groundbreaking research to the public, Science Alive pairs them with an educator to design a unit for prek-12 grades. This process can take 1-2 years.

Yes, you can! Please fill out the Propose a Green Box form. Once your submission has been made, our team will review the summary and provide you with feedback. If your unit is approved, Science Alive will seek out potential funding to bring your vision to fruition.

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