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Summer Robotics Academy of Nevada - Steps to Register

Thank you for your interest in our 2nd annual Robotics Academy of Nevada hosted at Damonte Ranch High School in Reno!

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 GoalThe goal of this 4-day training is to prepare you to start a NEW competitive robotics team at your school or if you are changing programs and / or adding a new robot platform to your current program. Coaches who have attended training events in the past are welcome to attend, space permitting.

What to Expect: The first 3 days are dedicated to robot competition training for FIRST or VEX robots: how to build, code, and run a competitive robotics team at your school. Friday is open to all educators, including veteran coaches, who want to learn more about robotics in and out of the classroom.

Workshop Offerings: 

  • Teaching Robotics in a Classroom
  • Hands-on Cybersecurity
  • Programming for Elementary Classrooms, Unplugged
  • Robotics STEM Kits and Green Box Offerings, Science Alive
  • The STEM Mobile Education Engineering Lab, UNR
  • Vex 123 Robot for PK - 2nd
  • Vex Go for 3rd - 4th grades
  • FLL Discovery for PK - 1st
  • FLL Jr for K - 4th
  • CAD
  • Java Programming using Android Studio Platform
  • 3-D Printing
  • Linking Literature and STEM for the Primary Classroom
  • Classroom Integration of Robotics
  • Intermediate Programming Skills for VEX IQ and VRC (BYO Robot)
  • Engineering Notebooks for Robotics Teams
  • Marketing and Fundraising for Robotics Teams
  • and more...!

*If you plan to only attend the workshop day, please skip steps 1-2 and go directly to step # 3 to sign up for the workshop day.

Perks and Benefits of Attending:

  • Coach Training Stipend for Public School Teachers.
  • Professional Development Credits/Hours.
  • Networking with other Nevada Robotics Coaches .
  • Opportunity to receive a Tesla-Grant Funded Robot.
  • Grant opportunities from FIRST Nevada and the REC Foundation.

Teachers who live 50 miles or more away from the training site are eligible to apply for a travel stipend that will cover all travel expenses associated with the 4-day training. If eligible, you will be contacted upon completion of your registration form.

The Big Decision! Before you register for the 4-Day Robotics Academy of Nevada, please follow the steps below:

1. Talk to your Admin: You and your school administration need to work together to make the decision on which program (VEX or FIRST) and which platform (VIQC, VRC, FLL, FTC, FRC) makes the most sense for your students, as there are associated expenses and time commitments to consider. Click on the links below to explore each program offered in our state.

2. Contact your local robotics coordinator to discuss the options and the current landscape of competitive robotics in your area. Your school may already have a team or teams in place or have a history with FIRST and or VEX robotics.

Northern and NE Nevada, Dale Payne,

3. Register: Now that you, your school administrator, and your local robotics coordinator are on the same page about the best robotics platform to choose, click the appropriate link or scan the associated QR code below to sign up. Space is limited and enrollment is first come, first served.


 Northern Nevada 4-Day Training: June 16th - 19th, 2020 in Reno. 


Reno RAN 2020 QR code

Northern Nevada 1-Day Workshop: Friday, June 19th. 


Reno RAN Workshop Day 2020 QR code